Mountains a state of happiness!

Discover the mountains with Arineta Mula who touched the top of the world Everest and the highest peaks in six continents!
I am happy to show you the hospitality, generosity and goodness among the people not only in my country Kosovo where I started my mountaineering journey, but also in Albania and all over the Balkans.

You will find joy in the journey and you will ask to come again!

Hiking Trips

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Gjeravica Peak

Gjeravica is one of the most beautiful mountain in the region. It is the second highest peak in Albanian Alps after maja Jezerce 2694m and the highest peak in Kosovo.

Luboten Peak

I call it the Pyramid Peak. It is the most attractive and bewildering peak of the Sharr Mountains.

Peaks of the Balkans

 If you want to experience a true and real adventure than you should definitely be part of the Peaks of the Balkans trail which is a 92km circular trek through the borderlands of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.


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Journey of living life to the fullest

Some find living life to the fullest with friends, family, and meaningful jobs, some find that living life to the fullest means hiking to the top of the world.

The woman who conquered Everest

When Kosovo began selecting its first team to summit Mount Everest, Mula lobbied for the chance to join the group of all-male mountaineers.