The answer I get from most of the people is because I have free time…well let me tell you why.
In different life situations the never ending battle is between the mind and the heart. If we would know all the answers of this life, if we would know the unknown, if we would know everything the mind would always win. But as human beings we are always curios to feel something we didnt feel until now, to achieve something more and new, something we dont know yet and especially when we want to change here is the point when the heart takes over the mind. This is the moment when I breath deep and I feel free.
I find the happiness while I meet the unknown, when I question myself if I can make it, when the heart beats faster, when you feel the butterflies in your stomach, when you have doubts…this is the moment where all the theories of your life change the meaning.
Brave are those who seek the value of life.
Heart talks.

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