Via Ferrata– Rruga e Hekurt (in Albanian language), Via Ferrata as a term is used in all the countries in the world except in some countries where their native language is German like: Austria and Switzerland they use the term Klettersteig (Climbing path). The first Klettersteig or via Ferrata was made in 1983 in Dachstein in Austria with the initiative of Friedrich Simony, Austrian geographer and Alpine researcher. His intention was to create a path to access the mountain Dachstein.
Such routes were mostly used during World War I as secret paths for soldiers to pass from one peak to another in Dolomites, where the battles between Italians and Austro Hungarians took place.

Nobody thought that such routes used as military need, today would become one of the biggest attraction for civilian people. This activity full of adrenaline that gives you a great opportunity to feel and enjoy the beauty of nature. Via Ferrata is a safe route with ropes and ladders and its open for everybody, no matter the age.

Such activity or attraction does not require any specific physical preparation.All you need is the desire and curiosity to experience it. Today Dolomites in Italy counts 400 Via Ferrata, Austria roughly 550 which is the country with the most Via Ferrata routes, and France counts 200. Kosovo has two via Ferrata located in Rugova Valley, and the third one is under construction.

Rugova was proclaimed as a national park in 2013. It is part of the Dinaric Alps, that is why if you are in Kosovo is a must visit. The activities you can do there are hiking, climbing, running, visiting caves, taking the Zip Line and climbing in Via Ferrata. Via Ferrata as the newest attraction  was built from the organization “Marimangat” in 2012 and 2014 and is located in the 4th kilometre. This attraction has effected positively the tourism in our country.

While you are passing through Rugova gorge you can see the big and wide rocks standing beautifully and steep. They are incredibly high and even though you can see them, you can hardly reach to them or you cannot reach them at all. For sure some of them you can reach only by Via Ferrata.

“A via ferrata is the connection point between hiking and climbing” (Michele Dalla Palma)

In the weekend of 9th April me and my friends decided to try Via Ferrata 1 and 2. To do so you need equipment such as: the harness, helmet, safety carabiners, rope and gloves. These equipment you can find at the entrance of Rugova Valley at the information office, together with the information for the guides and reservation.

The information office. Valdete doing my hair.

The weather was just perfect to do the climb. We decided to start with Via Ferrata 1. Comparing the two routes, the second one is steeper and gives you more adrenaline. Everything you see from above looks so small, and you are actually standing up so close to the vertical wall, which makes you free and happy. Having these feelings in a safe route gives you a lot of pleasure, because  you are enjoying a beautiful view while you are safe in a rope.

Via Ferrata 2
Denis in the picture. Via Ferrata 2

This attraction is characterised with a safe route, contineous use of the equipment, and the guide who leads the group. After we finished the first Via Ferrata which was Via Ferrata number 2 we took a rest before we were starting the next one Via Ferrata 1.

Ready for Via Ferrata 1

As nature lovers and hikers our eyes were focused more to the mountains on our left side. Another beautiful while you go up is a cave at where you can stop by and rest.  There you can have the best view of the nature and the mountains. For me the best view from up there is the amazing mountain “Guri i Kuq – Red Rock”, which by that time was covered in snow.

There is something else that can make this journey more beautiful, because it is a great place to share and celebrate special moments with your beloved friends and people. Those moments for sure will be unforgettable moments of your life.


That day was our friends birthday Valdete, and that is why we decided to surprise her at the top when we finish climbing. Adriatik, Eli and Adnan climbed up earlier to reach the wooden table which is located in the end of Via Ferrata 1. While me and Denis stayed with Valdete trying to be slower by taking pictures, so she will not notice what was about to come, our little surprise!

Everything went as planned. When we reached the top, there it was the wooden table where a cake with birthday candles was waiting  for Valdete. It was one of the best birthday celebration and surprise for her and for us as nature lovers.

From there it took us  20 minutes to arrive to the plave we parked our car at. It is quite an easy and relaxing route. The track is marked and you don not need to use any equipment.

If you want to face your fear of heights and still be safe, than one of the best ways to do it is Via Ferrata. If you want to have full adrenaline while sharing special moments with your beloved ones, then I highly recommend you to do Via Ferrata in Rugova.

Me with the view of Peja city. Photo by: Adriatik Gacaferri

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