In the mountains, we remain ALL or NOTHING
Mountains are the journey where you never know what might happen to you or to others. All what happens in the nature even that is very hard to accept it, I realized that mountain has the right to take your life aswell. Yes, this is true! We risk ourselves to reach our goals, to reach a summit while everyone is waiting for us to succeed, it’s like we all live for the applause which surprisingly makes us happy.
Me as a hiker I am really happy that my main reason to reach summits is to represent my country Kosova, to show others that we are developing mountaineering future, we do have support and we are passing all those challenges coming from before and after the war.
But for some mountaineers I have met during my expeditions, what they do in the mountains, their moto is not their country, they aim for more by choosing the most difficult routes to the summit, by not using oxygen. In this picture, it’s me and Ueli Steck who died last year while climbing the wall of Nuptse in the Himalayas, as a preparation for his goal to reach Everest, the route he chose almost looks impossible. The news for his death I got it just after a week I met him in Khumbu Ice fall, I felt deep his loss.
Ueli Steck and I we had the same goal: to reach the top of world, Everest. I did choose the easiest possible route to achieve my goal, so I did summit Everest on 22 May 2017 and now I’m on the way to climb the 7 summits.
While Ueli Steck because he did choose the hardest and most difficult route he gave the mountain the right to decide about his life.
The mountain gives you power and strength only when you are descending safe and the successful summit gives you the freedom to give yourself as many titles you want.
The mountains are hard depending on the route you choose to climb them.
In the mountains, we remain ALL or NOTHING
Happy birthday our hero Ueli Steck. Thank you for all what you did in your mountaineering journey.
Kosova remembers you!
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